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1958-59 Series III Minx Saloon

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1957 - 58 Series II Minx Drophead

1957 - 58 Series II Minx Saloon

A Hillman is an automobile line from the "Rootes Group": a once major British automotive manufacturer.  In the 50's & 60's, they were exported to the U.S. in the "foreign invasion" of a market then dominated by the "Big Three" (GM, Ford and Chrysler).  Hopefully this site will help to solidify a collective interest in these very rare cars and assist people seeking to locate one or is trying to keep one on the road.    This site specializes on the "Audax" Series Hillman cars manufactured from 1957 to 1967.
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U.S.A. only. Membership cost is 4 U.S. postage stamps a year. You get the Quarterly Newsletter Melodies: Jan Eyerman publisher. It has car ads and a detailed article on a select Hillman car. To join, send stamps and address to:

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No matter if you own one or not, if interested in Hillmans, you should join the Hillman Listserve.  You'll get messages automatically via email from Hillman owners Worldwide and benefit from their stories and expertise.  They will even help you with those hard to find parts, or solving your difficult problems - or you can just read the messages.  It's up to you - no obligation.



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Owner:  Bud Brick's 58 Minx

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Hillman Owners:
Usually drive their cars, and are often found collecting them like fridge magnets, just in case a rare part is needed right away.

Hillman Firsts:
1st compact car with Air Conditioning and Automatic Transmission.

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